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Tinker Bell


by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Look on ThePartyWorks.com for ready made invitations.

Or make your own. Use clip art to decorate your invites. Write party into with glitter gel pens. Add some "fairy dust" (glitter) to the inside of the envelopes before sealing.

Wording for your invites could be:
Come join us in the enchanted forest where the fairies play
at (address) on this special day (date). We're celebrating
(child's name)'s (age) birthday. Come dressed in your
"fairy" best outfit to play.

For hand delivered invitations you can purchase wands at a dollar store and attatch a note with the details with a piece of ribbon.

Or make your own wand invitations by cutting a star shape out of cardstock or stiff cardboard. Use a star shaped cookie cutter if you need some help with the shape. Cut out and wrap with shiny foil paper. Tape the star to a small wooden dowel. Add some ribbons and the note.

Create an enchanted forest for your little fairies to play in.

Use Tinkerbell partyware, tablecovers, and party decorations available at thePartyWorks.com.

Or use streamers, balloons, tablecovers, and partyware in pastel or pearlized colors.

Use a metal garden arch at your party entrance.

Decorate with flower garlands, nylon butterflies and dragon flies. Hang with fishing line, tie onto backs of chairs.

Hang multiple flower garlands with tacks in a doorway to create a flower door curtain.

Make some tissue paper flowers.

Use any table top fountains you may already own as table centerpieces or just an additonal decoration.

Set out a bubble machine.

Purchase a few pieces of lattice and decorate by weaving some flowery garlands through them. Add some paper flowers, butterflies, and dragon flies. These would make a great back drop. If you are handy, you can make a little lattice "playhouse" by attaching the lattice boards to a wooden frame. You could set up a little table underneath for the "fairies" to have their snacks.

Make "mushroom" cupcakes. Frost and add some Necco wafers for the spots.

Or make mini cupcakes. Frost with a pastel icing. Add colored sugars for a sparkling effect.

Food and Snacks:
Have a fair tea party.

Serve mini tea sandwiches. Cut into flower or butterfly shapes using a cookie cutter. Be sure to cut off the crusts:)

Serve pink lemonade. Pour in a bit of "fairy dust" (Pop Rocks) to create a fizzy fairy drink.

Make cookie wands. Cut dough into star shapes using a cookie cutter. Insert a wooden pop stick or bamboo skewer (sharp end cut off) then bake. Ice and add some colored sugars. You can also use this for an activity. Let the "fairies" frost and decorate their own wands.

Fruit kabob wands. Add fruit to skewer. Top with a piece of star fruit. Have some dips like chocolate, carmel or pink cream cheese.

Veggie tray with baby carrots, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes.

Mini cheese cube tray. Use flower pics inserted into the cubes of cheese.

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
A pastel colored paper bag, a satin drawstring bag, a small Easter basket, or a canvas bag you decorate with a fairy stamper using fabric paints. More Tinker Bell goddie bags and prizes from thePartyWorks.com

Add into any of these:
candy jewelery:ring pops, candy bracelets/necklaces wands, bubble wands small bottle of "fairy" bubbles (bubbles) Pixie Stix
play jewelery: beaded bracelets/necklaces, rings glittery nail polish, lip gloss, body glitter fairy stickers, pencils, notepads, books, hair accessories, fairy stampers

Prizes can be:
a pair of fairy wings
flower halos
a wrap around tutu

Games and Activities:
Give them all a fairy makeover. Apply glittery nail polish (dry with a blow dryer or ask the guest to "flick" their nails in the air for 60 seconds). Add some shiny lip
gloss, rub on a little sparkly body glitter.

Play Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.

Play find the fairies. Make paper fairies. Hide around the garden. Have guests find and return. You can make them in different colors and assign each guest a specific
color to find in order to "earn" one of the fairy items.

Flower pot toss. Toss bean bags into flower pots. Designate a point amount to pot to determine the highest scores. Or make everyone a winner.

Find Tinkerbell. In this game someone is chosen to be Tinkerbell. All others must close their eyes while "Tinkerbell" hides in the garden. Once she is hidden,
everyone else may then search for her by listening for the sound of her "bell". Tinkerbell must ring her bell (a small bell you provide) and guests follow the sound to find her.

Musical Mushrooms. Play like musical chairs. Make mushroom cut outs out of fun foam for the fairies to tiptoe on.

Make ribbon wands. Use wooden dowels and tie on a few strands of ribbons to the tops. Or you can purchase these already made.

Make Tinkerbell necklaces. Purchase a bag of "jingle bells" at your craft store or craft section. Make sure the bells are large enough not to pose a choking hazard. Use satin ribbons to string the bells on. Knot the ends of the ribbons. Make ribbon long enough for the child to slip over their head.

Play "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" and play a game of Fairy Freeze Dance. Start the music and all the "fairies" can dance around and twirl their ribbon wands until the music stops then they must all "freeze".

Make pipe cleaner fairies. You can buy kits for these. I bought some at the Dollar Tree. Michael's also carries a book of instructions that includes the materials to
make quite a few.

Make edible fairy dust using Pixie Stix. Give them a small clear jar and a few different colored Pixie Stix for each of them to make their own magical dust.

Pin the wings on Tinkerbell. Enlarge a picture of Tinkerbell. Make wings out of construction paper for each child to try to pin closest to her wings.

If this party includes boys, you may want to incorporate ideas from Pirate Party or Peter Pan Party.


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