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Traditional Hunts


Ideas More on the Traditional Side...

While many of these ideas are workable and fun,
we suggest reading through them in a
brainstorming mode to create
the best of the best of all hunts -- YOURS!



Toddlers, Pre-School and
Young Grammar School Aged Children

The Name Game
Decide how many eggs or prizes each child will find so that it ends up that all the children have the same number of finds. Write the child's name on them. Children can only take the eggs with their names on it and must leave all the rest where they are.

Color Coordination
Plan this in advance. Select a color for each child and dye eggs in each color. Hide the colored eggs as usual. Tell each child what their color is and they can only pick up eggs of their color, leaving all other colored eggs where they are located.

Babies to age two can find all the "blue" eggs that are near the ground. Toddlers and preschoolers can find all the "pink" eggs. You can hide them in their toys outside and around the yard. Bigger kids eggs can be hidden in tree branches , etc.

One At A Time
Fill a basket with one egg of each color that has been hidden. Gather the children around you and take one egg out of the basket, hold it up so everyone can see the color and each child must find only "one" egg of that same color. When all the children have found their one egg, select another colored egg and continue until all the eggs have been found.

Little Kids 'Walk The Walk'
Give each child a basket and take them out for a walk. As you go along, one adult (or older child) walks a little bit in front and without being seen hides an egg or other small surprise. The kids have to keep watch as they walk.


No Tears, Just Smiles
This is a great idea when there are little children and big children hunting together... the older children can hunt all over for eggs but a special area is set up for the toddlers. Securely attach a colored piece of yarn to each colored egg.
The toddlers follow the yarn till they reach their egg or prize.. They love it!

Stay Out!!
Rope off one section of the yard or park for each child. Hide the same number of eggs or prizes in each section. Assign one child to each section to find all the eggs in their area. This prevents the children from knocking each other down, and lessens the advanatge to the taller faster ones. A good game for small children.


All's Fair!
A fun one for toddlers... everytime an egg is found, it is put into one big basket. After all the eggs are found, give the toddlers each a bag and divide the eggs between all the bags so everyone goes home with prizes!

Follow That String
Provide one piece of yarn per child. Tie all the pieces of yarn to a stake or a tree. Wind each piece of yarn in and around things in the yard (under bushes, around trees, around a flower pot and other obstacles). Each child picks a yarn string and follows it to the end to find their prize. Along the way, they can pick up eggs that are near their piece of yarn.



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