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Valentines - Romantic Ideas


Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day

  • Go to a gurgling brook and race leaves or rubber duckies. 
  • Use chalk to write loving welcome home messages on the sidewalk. 
  • Put love notes and Hershey Kisses in your sweetheart’s box of cereal. 
  • Tie a message and balloons to the bottom of the garage door with a foot of string -- the balloons will magically rise in the air when the door is opened. 
  • Brush her hair for ten minutes before going to sleep. 
  • Fax a photocopy of your hand to their office so they can "hold" it while you are apart. 
  • Use Rain-X Anti-Fog and a cotton swab to write love notes on bathroom mirrors – message magically appears when the mirror steams up. 
  • Love notes in lunches, on mirrors, their books, anything they will have contact with...
    submitted by:  Cathy
  • Write I love you and other romantic notes on each kleenex. open the side of the box and place back with each one a new message will appear.
    submitted by: Tina
  • While your loved one is in the shower, throw his/her towel in the dryer for about five minutes and have it ready for him/her when he/she gets out!
    submitted by:  Alexa
  • Have a path of rose petals from the door to the bed. Make up the bed with red and white rose petals.
    submitted by:  Tamiika
  • Leave little love notes on the inside of cabinet doors that he uses..( garage...basement. TV VCR ) I love you's and you mean the world to me, I don't know what I would do without you, You own my heart...etc....
    Submitted by krissy
  • Use Christmas lights and make a large heart shape on your roof. You can tell your loved one that they "Light up your life" when they see the lights.
    Submitted by Victoria Conner
  • Make sugar cookies and put a chocolate kiss in the middle after removing from oven. Put in lunchboxes with a note: "Kisses for my sugar cookie"
    Submitted by Laurie A. Marteny
  • Leave kisses, hearts, hearts with sayings on them , in the drawers when you put away the clothes and when they get ready in the morning they see these tokens of your love when they open the drawers.
    Submitted by R Olson
  • Use love coupons they are great for that added touch anytime.
    Submitted by Mari
  • Buy a box of fortune cookies and replace the fortune note with your own words of love...
    Submitted by Quyen Lieu
  • Scrapbook with romantic poems, different valentine cards, different lists of 10 reason of why you love them, things you love to do together, etc..I am making one for my hubby.
    Submitted by Bestever
  • Send beautiful red roses to her job!!!
    Submitted by Nadia


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