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Watermelon Vase Centerpiece



Supplies Needed: Watermelon, sharp pointed utensil, sharp knife, large spoon, fresh flowers and greenery.

  1. Select a symmetrical oblong watermelon.
  2. Measure 9 inches from one end of watermelon. Cut crosswise for vase.
  3. Reserve shorter section for your favorite watermelon recipe.
  4. If necessary, cut a thin slice from end of watermelon vase so it sits upright.
  5. Remove about 1-inch layer of flesh from top of watermelon vase to form rim.
  6. Place watermelon vase on small plate to protect table surface.
  7. Arrange your choice of flowers and greenery in watermelon vase. The watermelon flesh will hold them in place and provide moisture.
  8. To complement party and holiday themes, add special touches, such as small American flags for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July or items to match your bridal shower or baby shower.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

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