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Wiggles Party


Wiggles Party
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Copyright August 2, 2004
Written Exclusively for ThePartyWorks.com

It's a Wiggly Party! Get some Wiggles Music and the kids will have a great time dancing and playing.

Buy or make your own by using stickers or clip art.

Use blue, yellow, red and purple as your party colors (the Wiggles colors).
Use streamers, balloons, tablecovers and partyware in the party colors.
Make clusters of balloons using the same color in each cluster.
Use inflatable guitars for additional decorations.

Make a sheet cake and use character cake toppers.


Make cupcakes and frost them in the party colors.

Food and Snacks:
Serve food that relates to any of the Wiggles songs.

Fruit salad (fruit salad...yummy, yummy).
Dorothy's Rosey Tea (fruit punch).
Tator tots or baked potatoes (Hot Potato Song).
Pasta salad (cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti).
Make cookies in the shape of doggie bones using a cookie cutter and set them out in a clean, new doggie dish. Label the dish with the name "Wags".
Make Dorothy the Dinosaur cookies with a dinosaur shaped cookie cutter.

Goodie Bags and Favors:
Use plastic pails or themed goodie bags. Give out all sorts of mini instrument favor. They are available in mini tambourines, mini horns, mini maracas, mini guitars, etc. Look at your local dollar store. Give out inflatable guitars or saxaphones. These can also be found at your dollar store or order them from OTC.

Games and Activities:
Since this theme probably appeals to the preschool age most, activities of music, motion and participation are your best bet.
Play the Wiggles CD and let kids dance and act out the gestures for the songs.
Lead them in a game of follow the leader to the music.
Play a game of musical chairs to the CD.
Have a dance contest. See who can dance the longest, fastest, silliest, etc.
Play hot potato to the Wiggles music.
Have play instruments on hand for the kids to play along with the songs. Make a band parade around your yard.
Pin the tail on Dorothy the Dinosaur or Wags the Dog.
Henry the Octopus ring toss (octopus ring toss from OTC).

For an activity, you can let the kids make Dorothy the Dinosaur hats by decorating large straw hats with ribbon and flowers or for boys, make a Captain Feathersword's eye patch using black cardstock and elastic string.
Purchase a color your own house from Walmart for $10. The "house" is made out of cardboard and the kids can color it in as an activity. You can call it the Wiggles house. Draw a picture of Flora Dora in advance at attach it to the front door of the cardboard house. Give the kids small boxes of crayons to color and let them take them home as a favor.

Make coloring books from Wiggles coloring pages you can find on line. Put the coloring pages between two sheets of cardstock to make your coloring books. Let the children use their boxes of crayons for this activity. The books also serve as a take home favor.

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