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Willy Wonka Party


Willy Wonka Party
By shopgirlaudi

Hand deliver chocolate bars. Unwrap the first wrapper of the candy bar and insert a gold piece of paper with the party details on it. You can also use real Wonka Bar

Make your own chocolate bars from brown construction paper or cardstock. Use and 8x11 sheet and fold it into thirds to make your bar. On a gold sheet of paper, write party details and then lay this on top of the brown sheet before folding back into thirds. Tape or glue shut. Using a different color of construction paper, make your candy bar wrapper. Use purple to dulpicate a real Wonka bar. Use a white paint pen or gel pen to write Wonka Bar on it.

Hang a large posterboard by the entrance for guests to sign the "contract" before entering:)

Use red and white streamers twisted together to resemble peppermint sticks.

Use all colors of balloons to resemble gumballs.

Use large tye dyed punch balls to resemble large candies.

Use lawn decoration candy canes from Xmas decorations.

Make giant lollipops using cardboard circles wrapped in colored cellophane. Use wooden dowels for the stick part.

Wrap styrofoam balls in colored cellophane to make giant sized candies. You can also wrap them in colored tissue paper. Set the ball in the center of the paper. Roll, then twist the ends and tie with curling ribbon or use a rubber band on each end.

Cut styrofoam balls in half. Paint, then attach them to a white tablecover in rows to resemble Candy Dots. Hang these on the walls.

Make your own "lickable wallpaper". Use contact paper or wall- paper with a fruit pattern. Melt Jolly Rancher candies. Using a pastry brush, apply to the fruits on the paper. Hang on the wall.Attach rubber gloves stuffed with tissue paper or newspaper to a wall to make the coat/hat hangers like on the movie.

Set up a bubble machine to represent the bubbles in the Fizzy Drinks room.

Use Tootsie Roll banks (Dollar Tree or Target) as table centerpieces. Or set our small plastic gumball machines. Tie a cluster of balloons to them.

Use top hats turned upside down to hold snacks.

Tape mini/bite sized candy bars to a plastic or paper table cover and hang as a wall decoration. You could also use a Color Your Own House and tape the mini/bite sized candy bars to the "house".

Use large cardboard boxes and paper towel and wrapping paper tubes to construct your own "candy making machines".

Construct a boat out of a large appliance cardboard box. Set up a photo op spot to take pics of each guest. Include the photo in the thank you cards.

Construct your own TV out a cardboard box. Draw a picture of a Wonka Bar on the screen or leave the front open and hang a real chocolate bar from the inside of the box using fishing line.

Use a standard garden fountain and tint the water brown with food coloring to make your own chocolate fountain.

Hang blue or mylar streamers in a doorway for the Wonka Wash. Or use mylar door curtains.

Cake or cupcakes:
Decorate a sheet cake to look like a giant chocolate bar.

Bake a round cake and decorate to look like an M&M or Life Saver candy. Tint icing to match the color you would like. Use tube icing to write in the "M" for an M&M or
write the words "Life Saver" for a Life Saver.

Ice cupcakes and top with any kind of candy, candy sprinkles, etc.

Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and frost the tops to resemble an ice cream cone.

Food and Snacks:
Candy, candy, candy

Melt chocolate or purchase chocolate dip for dipping fruits, cookies, etc. into the chocolate.

Make mini fruit kabobs to dip into chocolate sauce.

Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut into fun shapes using cookie cutters.

Serve Mike TV's TV dinners:) Use sectioned styrofoam plates to serve TV dinner styled meals.

Serve chocolate milk or chocolate drinks.

Smores. Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars.

Fizzy Lifting Drinks (small cans of pop).

Goodie Bags and Prizes:
Use a plastic top hat turned upside down and fill with candies.

Fill colored paper sacks with lots of Willy Wonka candies:

Nerds, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Shocktarts, Nerds Rope, Oompas, Lik M Aid, Runts, Tart n Tinys, Pixie Stix and don't forget the Wonka Bars. You can also include a whistle necklace, or slide whistles (like the one Willy wonka uses on the movie), or a whistle pop. You might even include a
copy of the book, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Games and Activites:
Watch the movie.

Build your own ice cream sundaes. Set out bowls of mini candies (M&M's, gummi bears, whoppers,etc.), crushed cookie toppings, sprinkles, chocolate, strawberry and caramel syrups, whipped cream and cherries and let the guests make their own ice cream concoctions.

Set out candy molds and let the kids make their own candies. Have an adult melt the chocolates for the children to use.

Make candy necklaces. Let the guests string Life Savers and other candies with a hole in the center to make their own jewelery.

Have a bubble gum blowing contest and see who can blow the biggest bubble. Use super sour gum.

Fill a jar with candies and let the guest take turns guessing how many candies are in the jar. Winner takes home the sweets filled jar.

Jelly Bean Toss. Use jelly bean shaped eggs (can find these around Easter) to toss into a bucket or container.

Pass the Golden Egg. Purchase a large gold wrapped candy egg (around Easter). Played like Hot Potato. Winner gets to keep the egg.

Or purchase gold Easter fill eggs (Walmart around Easter). Fill with candies, hide and let the kids hunt for the Golden Eggs. Kids keep what they find. Or give a prize for the one who finds the most eggs.

Pass out Fizzy Lifting Drinks to guests (mini cans of pop) and have a burping contest. Give prizes to the loudest burp, the longest burp, etc.


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