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Zoe Ballerina


Zoe Ballerina
by shopgirlaudi
(Esmeralda Cavazos)
Written Exclusively for The PartyWorks.com

Buy Zoe Ballerina party invitations at ThePartyWorks.com.

Or use clip art to decorate your own. Put a pair of ballet slippers and outline with glitter pens.

Use pastel colored streamers, balloons, tablecovers, party supplies.

Or use Zoe Ballerina party supplies from ThePartyWorks.com.

Tie tulle bows on the backs of the chairs and add a cluster of balloons.

Hang nylon pastel colored butterflies.

Decorate with flower garlands. Drape in doorways to make a door curtain.

Use stuffed animals dressed in ballerina outfits for centerpieces. You can also use these as a favor or prize.

Cake or Cupcakes:
Use the ballet slippers cake pan found here on The Party Works to make your cake.

Bake cupcakes and ice with pink icing. Sprinkle with colored sugars or pastel colored sprinkles.

Food and Snacks:
Finger foods.

Tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

Pink lemonade.

Veggie tray with baby carrots, celery, etc, with pink cream cheese for dipping.

Fruit tray or also make fruit kabob wands. Add fruit pieces to a wooden skewer and top with a piece of star fruit.

Sugar cookies cut into star shapes. Could also be made into cookie wands by inserting a wooden pop stick or dowel into the cookie before baking. Ice and add sprinkles or let the kids do the icing and spinkling for an activity.

Games and Activities:
Follow the Ballerina. Played like follow the leader. Let children take turns being the leader. Have them twirl, leap, etc. and the others follow.

Make ribbon wands. Use wooden dowels and tie on lengths of different colored ribbons for the guests to twirl around.

Zoe Says. Played like Simon Says. Give commands such as , "Do a leap", "Curtsy", etc.

Ballerina doll craft kit.

Goodie Bags and Favors:
Use satin drawstring bags or wrap favors in tulle, gather up the sides and tie closed with a satin ribbon.

Bear ballerina canvas tote bags.

Items to include:
sparkly nail polish, body glitter, lip gloss
twisted hair ties
play jewelery
plush ballerina
ballerina shaped bubble bottles
ballerina stickers



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