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Ten Of The Best Disney "Frozen" Birthday Party Ideas

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Ten Of The Best Disney "Frozen" Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a youngster, chances are you have heard the theme song to the Disney movie "Frozen" ten times too many. Whether your head is about to explode or you have mastered the art of selective hearing, this does tell us quite a bit about what our kids love. A birthday party based on the ever popular movie "Frozen" is sure to be a hit.

Get ready to amaze your birthday child with these ten "Frozen" birthday party ideas.

Create the setting

Frozen movie ticket invitations

1. Invitations bring the common-folk to the palace. These days, party invitations are more than simple notes that tell guests about your party. They are a creative rite of passage. Nail this hurdle and you have taken the first step towards an epic theme party:

Frozen party invitations

Disney Frozen deluxe party pack

2. Here is how to cheat like a pro when it comes to creating a "Frozen" fantasy-land to celebrate in. Start with a solid theme package like this Disney "Frozen" deluxe party pack and then add your own creative crafts and embellishments. The end result transcends decoration and borders on transformation; all with a manageable price tag.

Frozen large scene setter

3. Transform a whole wall into a "Frozen" scene with a large scene setter. This large wall scene will do double duty as a party decoration and a birthday photo backdrop. Keep in mind that this particular scene setter does not come with any adhesive. Use some sticky tack to hang this on the wall without making holes or peeling paint with tape.

Large Olaf balloon

4. Everyone loves Olaf. I suppose we love him because we all wish our outlook on life were a bit more like his. In any case, don’t even attempt a "Frozen" theme party without including Olaf in the lineup. That would be like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly. You could do it, but it’s just not the same. What every "Frozen" party needs is a 41 inch tall Olaf somewhere the room. Fill this balloon with helium and weigh it down at the base. As an alternative, fill it with good old fashioned air and suspend it with the help of a ribbon from the wall or ceiling.

5. Make it snow at your party. With a little bit of ingenuity and effort, decorating a snow storm right into your house is within reach. Here is a project that will tip the decorating scale in your favor for sure:

  • Fill white balloons with helium and attach lengths of white ribbon to them.
  • Either make your own snowflake shapes or grab some from an online supplier and attach them to the ribbons. This will suspend snowflakes above your guests’ heads.
  • To make the effect more dramatic, mix in some snow made of cotton balls with your snowflake shapes. Suspend your cotton ball snow using clear fishing line. I suggest that you hang these decorations above little guests’ heads rather than risk having them low enough to become a big tangle of guests, ribbons and balloons.

Snow from the ceilingballoons and snowflakes from the ceiling

Make icicles from the ceiling

6. The only thing better would be icicles hanging from the ceiling. At this point, let’s be honest: A theme party based around the movie "Frozen" is just begging for elaborate, over the top decorations. Ice castles, snow, princess attire and a talking snowman all add up to a theme that is fun to get a little wild with. After furnishing your party space with snowflakes and balloon clouds, adding these icicles to your ceiling will further convince your family and friends that you possess a black belt in party decorating. Grab your white paper, glue and tape and then follow this tutorial to make great looking icicles from your ceiling.

7. Raise the decorating bar with large balloon structures. This last decoration tip is for the obsessed. If you attempt to make these balloon towers, be sure that you have plenty of time, help and patience. Simply planning in enough time for this epic project will reduce your stress level significantly. While a balloon tower is a big task, the payoff is also large and impressive.

Have a look at this balloon decoration tutorial from “Two Sisters Crafting”. There are some good tips in there for getting the balloons all the same size and how long it takes to pull this off. A second tutorial that you should look at is this instructable that’s focused a bit more on making a complete balloon arch without the use of helium.

Balloon towersBalloon arch with no helium

If you are going to tackle these multi-balloon wonders, you can either go to your local department store and hope that they stock enough balloons in the right colors or plan ahead and order all the blue and white balloons you need online.

For the sake of your sanity, be sure to have an air compressor to blow all these balloons up. An attempt to blow up this many balloons by yourself will not only take an incredible amount of time, but will also make your lips look like a cosmetic surgery experiment gone wrong.

Something fun to do

After considering enough decorations to turn your home into a Disney movie set, let’s move on to a few ideas for activities that the young party-goers can enjoy.

Troll slime craft

8. Make troll slime. Remember that fun product called “Gak” that feels like a cross between raw egg and Play dough? You can easily make some of your own and use it for a party activity and a party favor as well. In keeping with the "Frozen" theme, we will call this gooey stuff “Troll Slime”.

  • Start with 8 oz of Elmer's school glue in a bowl.
  • Stir in one cup of HOT water.
  • Add a couple of drops of any food coloring you like.
  • Dissolve 1 tsp of Borax detergent into 4 oz of hot water.
  • More Borax will result in a firmer feel to the slime.
  • Stir the dissolved Borax into the glue and water mixture.
  • Keep stirring until you get a consistent, gooey slime.

Frozen free printable activity Olaf

9. Put Olaf back together. Young children will have a good time building their own Olaf snowman. Just grab this Olaf Printable activity online and either cut the pieces out ahead of time or provide your guests with child-safe scissors and let them go to work on it. The children will then arrange Olaf to their liking on a clean sheet of white paper and glue each piece down in any pose they want.

Free Frozen scavenger hunt printables

10. Make a "Frozen" scavenger hunt with these free printables found online. Begin by handing the player a clue card. This card will have a clue on it that will lead to an item in the house. On this item, attach the next clue. For example: if the starting clue card says “Love is an open____”, the answer would be “door”. The next clue will be attached to one of the doors in the house. One clue will lead to the other and another until little hunters reach the prize at the end. The hidden reward at the end of the hunt can be a tasty treat, some party favors or whatever you like.

Decorations you can eat

Olaf swimming in puddle Jello

Bonus tip: go wild with themed snacks. When it comes to theme birthday parties, there is a lot of low hanging fruit to be had in snacks that follow that theme.

  • Snow cones are a win when it comes to a "Frozen" themed party.
  • Use a pan of blue Jello to make Kristoff’s ice blocks.
  • Use some marshmallows and blue Jello to depict Olaf swimming in a puddle.
  • Label carrot sticks as Snowman noses.

Knock this one out of the park!

A birthday party based around an elaborate theme such as the movie "Frozen" can take a lot of work to pull off well. With a little creativity, time invested and the tips in this article, you are sure to knock this one out of the park!


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