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The Ten Best Super Mario Brothers Party Ideas

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Your youngster wants a theme party based on his favorite video game this year. In this day and age, this could be a scary proposition if your kid’s favorite game is “Grand Theft Auto”. What in the world would you do for activities at a birthday party based around stealing cars and vandalism?

Breathe a sigh of relief. The particular video game that your child wants as a theme is “Super Mario Brothers”. This means colorful, cute characters based on plants and animals. So how do we create a Super Mario world for your child to celebrate in? Read on for the best Super Mario party ideas around.

Show your guests that this will be fun

Super Mario party invitations

1. Start the fun with great invitations

Whether you make your own invitations or select something nice from an online supplier, keep in mind that these will be the first thing to tell your invitees that they won’t want to miss out on all the fun they will be having. Make them colorful and fun looking.

  • Super Mario free printable invitationsIf you are short on time, order some Super Mario invitations online and fill out the pertinent info for your child’s party. This is a great way to save time and get some nice looking invitations out there in a hurry.
  • Get online and grab some free printables to make into invitations. You will need to either add text using your computer or write in your message by hand. Creating custom invitations with your child can be a fun craft and she will enjoy handing these out to guests.

Create a Super Mario world to celebrate in

Super Mario Brothers party pack

2. Start with a basic party pack and embellish it

Here is a great way to get started in transforming your party into a Mario world. Start with a modest Mario themed party package and then embellish to taste from there. As a jumping off point, this Mario party pack pulls together essentials such as plates, napkins, cups, balloons and quite a bit more, all in the Super Mario theme.

3. Hang "Power Up" coins from the ceiling

In the Mario Brothers game, these all important gold coins are collected to rack up points, add extra lives or more speed. You can easily create these gold coins out of some gold colored paper plates that are paired together and use fishing line to hang them from the ceiling. The result is gold coins above guest’s heads just like in the game.

Gold paper platesPower Up coins

4. Large Mario wall decals will take your party decorations to the next level

Super Mario wall decal kit

Check out this Mario wall decal kit that is made of smooth vinyl. They will stick to smooth surfaces or may need a little help staying put with some Sticky Tack. This particular decal kit gives you a large Mario, brick stacks, gold coins, a gold question mark block and a Mario Brothers logo.

5. Paint PVC plumbing connectors green to make Warp Pipe decorations

Warp Pipes 02Warp Pipes 01

One of the main modes of transportation in the Super Mario game is in the form of “warp pipes”. These classic green pipes that Mario runs in and out of have become a hallmark feature of the game. Go down to the hardware store and grab a handful of PVC connectors and a can of green spray paint. Once these connectors are green, use them for:

  • Plant or decoration holders
  • Candy bowls
  • Spoon, fork and napkin holders.

6. Don't forget the piranha plants

Another element in the Super Mario game that really should have a presence at any Super Mario theme party is the piranha plants. These are the nefarious plants that are all too willing to end Mario’s adventure by chomping down on him when least expected. Take a look at the great tutorial by Evelyn at “hanging by a silver lining” on how to make piranha plants of your own. These are a great table decoration by themselves or could be used to hold a handful of candy.

Piranha Plant 02Piranha Plant 01

7. Bring ghosts and Goombas to the party

It’s pretty easy to outfit your party with the ghosts and Goombas from Mario Brothers. These two additions to the fun can be merely decoration or part of a Super Mario obstacle course. Children can dodge ghosts while stomping on Goombas just like Mario in the game.

  • Boo Ghost FaceInflate a good number of white balloons with helium and attach a length of ribbon or twine to fasten the ghost to the ground. Give your ghosts faces by drawing them on with markers or print and cut out a face off the internet and then tape one to each balloon.
  • Goomba FaceMake Goombas by inflating brown balloons. Print up faces for your Goombas from the internet, cut these out and tape them to the balloons.Create feet for the Goombas using inexpensive paper plates. Puncture the paper plates and pull the tied off end of the balloon through the hole to attach the feet. Be sure to have plenty of these made up ahead of time if you plan on letting the children stomp on the Goombas much like Mario does in the game.

Goomba Balloons

At this point, with ghosts to dodge, Goombas to stomp and gold coins hanging overhead, the kids will feel like they are in a Super Mario Brothers game. Guests get the fun of being transported into a video game and you get the enjoyment of a job well done!

Add in some activities

8. Is any party complete without a pinata?

Let’s be honest here: Any time you combine loads of candy falling from the sky with rambunctious behavior (hitting things with a stick), you are bound to have a bunch of very happy children. Feature a pinata at your Super Mario party and it is bound to be a hit.

  • Chain Chomp PinataSuper Mario PinataFor the crafty parent, a pinata can be made quite easily. Check out this pinata making tutorial for a quick education on this essential craft. Making your own pinata has the benefit of being able to choose any Mario character you like. The shape of a Super Mario Chain Chomp makes it a great candidate for a pinata.
  • If there just isn’t enough time in the day for making a pinata from scratch, grab a pre-made Super Mario pinata from an online supplier and keep it on the down low that you didn’t actually make the pinata yourself. 

9. I mustache you a question

Pin the mustache on Mario 01Free Mario Printable

If you could pick just one feature that personifies Mario’s lovable character, what would it be? The obvious answer to that question is: the mustache. Everybody loves the mustache, right? Let’s incorporate this into your party.

Create a “pin the mustache on Mario” game using these free printables from Hale Grafx. The best thing to use to get the mustache to stick during the game is a bit of Sticky Tack. This worthy substitution for a sharp tack may prevent any bloodshed during the game.

10. Decorate the children

Since you are going to such great lengths to create a Super Mario world for your birthday boy or girl, why not decorate the children as well? Kids love to be adorned with colorful face paint. This also enhances memorable pictures of the party as well. There are a few ways you can pull this off at your next party:Super Mario face painting

  • Hire a professional to make masterpieces out of the kids. Yes, I know. Each and every child is ALREADY a beautiful masterpiece. Let’s just add a little bit of colorful icing on the cake. Keep in mind that logistically, doing face paint on each guest will require someone to be painting for the duration of the party. It’s best to delegate this job. When you hire a professional face painter, you free yourself up to do other things at the party.
  • Face paint sticksIf you would like to save some money and have a friend or family member do the face painting, grab a set of face paint sticks and let your creative side loose. Kids seem to love wearing a virtual costume in the form of face paint.
  • Super Mario temporary tattoosAnother great body decoration that youngsters love is temporary tattoos. Super Mario temporary tattoos can be purchased online. Out of courtesy to other parents, it’s best to double check before doing temporary tattoos or face paint.

Tip:Set up the face painting artist with a small area equipped with a table, two chairs and shade umbrella if the party is outdoors. This always has a more organized look and will tell guests where to go to get their face painting done.

It’s all about the fun

When making arrangements for your child’s Super Mario Brothers theme party, be sure to allow plenty of time for the numerous preparations to be made. Remember that you are a parent, not a martyr. Good planning will not only save your peace of mind but will enhance your child’s fun day as well. Happy guests plus a happy host equals a happy birthday party. Have fun!


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