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Cake Tips


Cake Tips - Adding Meringue Powder

My Wilton instructor suggests 1-2 tbls per box mix. I have been using the 2tbls. I noticed more results with Betty Crocker versus Duncan Hines. The only Duncan Hines mixes I use now are Orange and Strawberry, just don't like how they bake up compared to Betty Crocker must be due to the difference in water/oil amounts. Betty Crocker is 1/13 cup water and 1/3 cup oil, Duncan Hines is 1 1/4 cup water 1/2 cup oil. But I did notice on the inside of the box it had instructions for a tier cake with the same amounts as Betty Crocker. I will have to try it on my next orange cake to see if that helps any.  Shannon

I use 1 Tbs. per mix. Cake is still very moist, more volume, & firmer.
dee:):) Nana's Cakes & Confections

Tips on Baking Cakes from
Gold Medal:

Using Butter

  • Batter is rich and thick
  • High volume, deep golden brown crust
  • Fine texture
  • Rich buttery flavor

    Using Margarine

    • Batter is thin
    • Flat cake with a pale golden crust
    • Coarse texture

    Using Shortening

    • Batter is thick
    • High volume, deep golden brown crust
    • Very fine texture

    Using Spreads

    • Batter is thin
    • Flat cake with wet ring on crust
    • Wet, tough cake
    • Spreads contain water which replaces part of the fat


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