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Do Something Nice For Yourself This Mother's Day...

WHO KNOWS YOU BEST? You, of course, so why not treat yourself to some Joyful

Simplicities to celebrate your wonderful "self". 

Anyone who is or has read Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach knows these joys intimately, and I'll share one of them with you because it is fun and it is special and it is there when I need comfort and peace and it is mine, all mine.

My favorite is the Comfort Drawer for those "those nights when you feel as if you'd like to pull the covers over your head and never come out." Mine is the top drawer of the nightstand next to my side of the bed. My drawer is lined with scented flowered paper and has a white silk and lace pouch, the kind brides keep lingerie in when they go ontheir honeymoon. Inside the silk bag are special letters, a small hand crocheted lace doily my mother made when she was young and my father's wristwatch (my parents passed away over thirty years ago), a ring from my christening, birth announcements of my two daughters, baby pictures of my grandchildren, a photo of my parents on their honeymoon, various photos that have special meaning including one of me with my two daughters as very small children (did I really wear my hair piled up that high?). 

I also have secreted in my Comfort Drawer a couple of imported white chocolate bars, flavored hot chocolate packages and an assortment of teas, Biscotti, a sheer negligee, three CD's (meditation, The Three Tenors Opera Concern and disco music from the 70's), several votive candles (vanilla, apple and lilac), a bottle of expensive perfume and some luxurious bubble bath. I also have a very delicate tea cup and saucer for the perfect touch.

When a time comes that tries my soul, I know my Comfort Drawer awaits me and I smile. My routine goes something like this... I make myself a cupof tea or hot chocolate in my special teacup, light candles in the bathroom and the bedroom, turn on the music, turn out the lights and slip into a hot bubble bath. After about twenty minutes, I luxuriate in my negligee between clean, fresh sheets and nibble away at the treats I bought with "my" specialness in mind. I indulge, that's what I do because I know when I wake up in the morning, all will be well... and if it isn't well, I know I will handle the situation with grace and blessings. 

I smile when I look at my nightstand, I smile thinking about my Comfort Drawer. It is waiting for me any time I want to open it.

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