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Making Piping Bags


Making a Waxed Paper Piping Bag and Using a Piping Bag

Piping bags for icing are simple to make at home. Make one for each color you will need and if you are using the same color with different size tips, then make one for each tip size and have ready before you start decorating.  This will save time.

Cut waxed paper into a 10" square.  Fold in half diagonally to make a triangle.  Fold again to mark the center of the folded edge.

Holding the center, roll one point of the triangle up to the center line and the other point around that to make a tight cone.

Fold the edges over to secure the top of the bag.  You can tape the outer edge with a little scotch tape to hold the edge from opening but it is not necessary.

Cut off the tip, insert a piping tip and half-fill with your icing.

Push the icing down well and fold both corners of the bag over to secure.  Fold the top edge down several times until the icing is tightly packed in the bag.

Hold the bag in one hand and pipe in an upright position, guiding the bag with the other hand.


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